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Low Melt Bag

Low Melt Bag, also known as Batch Inclusion Bag is used for conveying additives to mixers with low operating temperature. There is no need to unpack, since such bags can be put directly into mixing equipment and mixed evenly with rubber without affecting the final product's quality. Its low melt point and compatibility with Rubbers makes the final compound homogeneous.

  • Reducing environmental pollution by preventing dust flying in workplace
  • Promoting workplace and workers' personal health
  • Reducing labor and energy costs
  • Make compounds with precise formulation
  • Increasing final product's quality as a result of accurate and same dosing in all batches
  • Reducing overall processing time
  • Reducing loss of materials, additives and chemicals as a result of direct conveying
  • In rubber/tire manufacturing plants when adding additives to mixers
  • In laminate wrapping conveyer production to add curing agent and additives to rubber
  • In industries using internal mixers to produce plastic compounds (same as UPVC)
  • Applicable to elastomer foam manufacturing plants
  • Thickness: 40 ~ 90 µm
  • Width: 300mm ~ 740 mm
  • Length: According to customer's requirement. (Max 1100 mm)
  • Colors: Natural color
  • Melting Point: 76 ~ 79 °C